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Identyum NOW is live!

Companies and citizens can now use the Identyum NOW web portal that allows them to easily use the basic functionalities of the Identyum platform, with a fully automated registration process and without the need to integrate background IT systems with the Identyum platform. Through the Identyum NOW portal, companies and citizens can currently use the Identyum Sign service, which provides legally valid remote electronic signing of documents (PDFs) and sending documents to other people for electronic signature.

Read more about Identyum NOW here & start using it’s services today.

Unlike most other signing solutions on the market, Sign allows the user to send a PDF for signature to any other person, without that other person having any existing electronic signature tool or signing certificate. Sign ensures the legal validity and authenticity of electronic signatures created using the Sign service in any court in the EU, thanks to the eIDAS Regulation. It also ensures that the electronic signature is firmly connected to the identity of the signatory, thus giving the signature a higher level of credibility, especially in the event of litigation and the need to prove the signature. At the time of signing, a standard SES, or advanced AES eIDAS signature is created, using the standard and/or advanced certificate (depending on the needs of the signatory) located in the Identyum ID Wallet of each user. Both certificates are issued and added to the Identyum ID Wallet fully automated and remote.

Click here if you want to know how to use Sign.

Our mascot Max got the role to help you understand what Identyum can do for you. Check it out.

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Published: 20.04.2022.