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ECM-Enterprise Content Management

ECM is a solution for business activitiesmanagement. It allows for managing all activities and processes in the company within a unique platform.

ECM helps manage all the unstructured information, like paper or digital business administration, correspondence inside or outside the company, multimedia data etc.

Document management system

It is a unique repository for all types of contents including documents and multimedia content. The module allows for monitoring and managing life cycle of a content from its beginning to its permanent archiving.

Business process management

It allows for complete automatization and computerization of complex business activities throughout their life cycle. It also enables defning of standard processes, monitoring of theirimplementation, administration and control of their execution.


They are the presentation part of ABIT-ECM platform, which is the way to approach all functionalities of the future system. The infrastructure for a quick and simple Intranet and Extranet web pages design as well as design and handling contents for visualization on user portals.


It allows for mass document or other content entry into ABIT-ECM system using scanners, email or direct input from other systems and archives. It also enables integration with other IT systems (such as ERP or CRM).

Records Management

Records management allows for monitoring of important documents from their beginning until they are destroyed according to laws or company regulations.

Registry module

Registry module allows for handling, sorting, merging, adding attachments, archiving and searching documents.It also enables monitoring document input and output.

Business process computerisation

We have computerized various business processes within ABIT-ECM platform and enabled our clients to do business more efciently. Some of the standard business processes implemented are: receiving and fling incoming mail, creating and fling outgoing mail, receiving and liquidating incoming invoices, purchase process etc.

ECM platform allows for simple and quick business process implementation, which is customised to our clients’ specifc needs.